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10 December 2011 @ 11:47 pm

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j e s s i c a
So today I walked in, applied & had an interview with Express & I think I may have scored the job. The manager seemed to like me & asked me if I was available to start next week. So I'm guessing that's a yes? God, I hope so! I need a job, plus somewhere in which I shop & can score discounts makes me a happy camper.

School is going great. My marketing professor gave out a pop quiz which I failed but I did the bonus so maybe it was okay after all? I contacted FIU about starting in summer, they'll get back to me by Thursday so I'm excited to finally be out of MDC. Real life, a real campus & the feeling of being in a real university is gonna hit me. I'm excited.

Changes are coming. Good changes? I sure hope so. When I focus I realize I get a lot of shit done. I miss this old Jessica, the one I use to be before the huge break up over a year ago which made me a weakling. LOL.

Boys are boys.. Shaun my acting partner keeps insisting I should go on a date with him, but its not gonna happen. I'm happy to say that I'm single & not looking. Boys = drama. Something I don't need nor want right now.

The song "Ridin' Solo" by Jason Derulo, explains how I feel right now. It makes me wanna dance. LOL.
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